First ISOLDE’s progress meeting in Valencia

Last week, the ISOLDE consortium met in Valencia in their first progress meeting after the kick-off to share the latest updates of the project. The Polytechnic University of Valencia was the perfect location for this event which hosted more than 50 attendees of the different organizations that take part in this distinguished Horizon Europe project.

This meeting marked significant strides towards ISOLDE’s goal of developing high-performance RISC-V processing systems and platforms which will revolutionize key European application domains such as automotive, space, and IoT.

During two days of full activity, the ISOLDE team converged to discuss and strategize the path forward. With experts from diverse organizations and markets, discussions were enriched by a multitude of perspectives, fostering a collaborative spirit essential to the success of the project.

This first progress meeting served as a platform to unveil the progress achieved in the past months for the development of high-performance RISC-V processing systems and platforms. Task leaders showcased the advancements of each work package and the future activities that will be performed in the next months. Attendees participated in meaningful discussions to find all possible ways of collaboration and achieve the best result.

With a focus on key European application domains, including automotive, space, and IoT, ISOLDE will deliver high performance components also partly to the open-source community which will be used in industrial quality products. The excellent work carried out and the cooperation between partners during the meeting shows ISOLDE’s commitment to addressing real-world challenges and propelling Europe to the forefront of technological innovation.

Now, it is time to continue working together and drive positive impact across industries. As the project progresses, stay connected with ISOLDE through our website and social media channels!